Monday, March 4, 2013

Goodbye NYC.

Now up to this it looks like we had a lot of play but no work. We had gone to a lot of panel and we took away a ton of information from these and basically having a mini directors meeting every day.  Even in the line for SNL all we talked about was music and the station. Every meal even if it was at a little cart on 42nd street we were talking about how we can make this a better station. You the fans of WUML will definitely see a change in production value with a lot of the new stuff we are going to be unleashing soon. We hope to be announcing some pretty awesome stuff that will put us right in line with the best radio stations across the globe. We want to reveal all our plans right now but what fun is that you got to check out our website here for more info in the future. 

We were really tired after SNL the night before so we woke up late to our housekeeper basically kicking us out of our hotel. We packed our stuff and went up town to the M&M store and the hershey store. We walked to NBC store and got some cool stuff. The best part of the day was going to F.A.O Shwartz and dancing on the keyboard from big.

We rushed back to catch our bus for 6:30 made it on and passed out. It was a great weekend. Thanks for reading this if you have. Tune in whenever you want we got some really cool stuff going on at WUML.

Live from New York we waited in line.

Some of us slept for a couple of hours some of us didn't as 3:30 am rolled upon us to wake up to wait in line at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. We rolled up to 30 Rock and we were about the 120th persons in line.

People had been in line since Friday morning at 6am. So how it works you wait in line for standby tickets for if season ticket holders to not show up or some of the reserved tickets. You can choose rehearsal show which is a dress rehearsal and longer than the actual show and has more skits. We chose "live".  You show up at 10:30 on Saturday and they chose as many people as they can take. Our chief engineer Kyle was the last person to be admitted.

Kevin Hart was the host for this week SNL. It was an awesome show. Just to see the production value of SNL was unreal everything that goes into the show is amazing. Macklemore also performed.

Going to SNL was one of the best experiences we were able to take away from the whole thing. Tomorrow would be our last day in NYC which sucked.

WUML goes to CBS studios.

Last night after going to some panels and getting some knowledge to bring back to our station. People were selected to go to CBS Radio studio and tour the studio. CBS studio is located in the Hudson Square Section of Manhattan.  It was an awesome opportunity to see how a commercial channel was operated by real DJ's who loved college radio when they did it. One of the most amazing experience was Matt Denaro one of the General Managers was able to go live on air with Host Joe Causi who is currently number one in ratings in NYC.
After leaving all the members got some sleep and got ready to stand in line to get tickets to Saturday Night Live.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Team Ups Steamy Stumb

Go to bed with WUML. After a late night and exploring NYC we went to bed around 3am. We went to dinner with our faculty advisor El Tigre. In down town Manhattan, the live music there consisted of covers of Nickleback and Black Sabbath. When walking down the heavily congested streets of NYC all we heard was "You want gyro?! 7 dollars fifty!". We are going to the conference going today so we will post some pictures. In the words of Beyonce. "Can you pay my Bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Do you pay my automo' bills?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leaving Boston for NYC.

 Today, we left Lowell for New York City at 12:00pm for our bus at 2pm at South Station. We had a pretty rad guy check us in at Gate 9 in South Station. This awesome man from Nepal checked us in and got us on our way.

About 45 minutes later our bus broke down.

We were on the road for about an hour with a nice lady from NYC who recored a promo for us. We broke down on I-90 in Framingham. We made it to NYC at 8pm. Check out our next blog later tonight.